Top Acting Schools In New York

The Best Acting Schools in New York

New York City is famous for hosting some of the best acting schools in the world. Here, aspirants can learn the ropes of the craft from acclaimed mentors while also experiencing the thrill of live theater and auditions in the city’s vibrant scene. This article explores some of the best acting schools in New York.

Juilliard School

When we talk about performing arts schools, Juilliard is almost always at the top of the list. Established in 1905, the institution offers a wide range of acting courses and features an exclusive Drama division for individuals interested in both stage and screen.

New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts

Tisch offers elite training in acting and also provides students with distinctive opportunities to study film and television. Encouraging both traditional and experimental approaches to acting, Tisch helps actors to develop their craft while also helping them to understand the context of their works.

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

Famous for its instruction in Method Acting, Lee Strasberg Institute counts Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Paul Newman among its alumni. Students at Strasberg learn to use their own experiences to bring depth to their characters, making their performances more visceral and practical.

Stella Adler Studio of Acting

This institution offers a diverse selection of degree programs and short-term workshops in acting. The studio practices Stella Adler’s unique approach towards acting, emphasizing imagination in addition to personal experience. This balance gives students a comprehensive understanding of acting, making them flexible performers.

Atlantic Acting School

Founded by playwright David Mamet and actor William H. Macy, Atlantic Acting School combines practicality and artistry. Following the mantra ‘practical aesthetics’, this school promotes a specialized approach to preparing for a role and crafting a performance.

American Academy of Dramatic Arts

American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) is one of the oldest acting schools in the English-speaking world. AADA focuses on the practical experience, offering a production-centered curriculum that plays a vital role in a student’s overall professional development.

While many may be drawn to New York to study acting, it’s important to remember that other countries also offer excellent training programs. One might imagine that the best school for film Australia would offer would be just as, if not more, fitting for someone interested in both acting for screen and stage. With the rise of international films and global storytelling, studying in places like Australia could open an actor to a variety of non-traditional roles, techniques, and experiences.


Whether you’re on the hunt for classical training or contemporary method acting courses, New York is the city to beat. From Juilliard’s groundbreaking programs to Lee Strasberg’s focus on Method Acting, these establishments offer some of the most extensive and in-depth training for any aspiring thespian. Don’t forget, though, that the journey to becoming an accomplished actor extends beyond New York to heralding schools around the world like the best school for film Australia.