Us Open Unseeded Kim Clijsters Makes History After Obtaining Us Open Title

US Open- Unseeded Kim Clijsters Makes History after Obtaining US Open Title


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Just five weeks after returning from a retirement that lasted more than two years, the Belgian player Kim Clijsters made history in the US Open after beating Danish ninth seed Caroline Wozniacki in the US Open final 7-5, 6-3. The title is Clijster s second in her career she won her first in the 2005 US Open and the first she has received as a mother and as a wildcard player.

Clijsters is the first mother to win the US Open since 1980; she is also the first unseeded, wildcard player to receive the title.

The 26-year-old Belgian retired from tennis in May of 2007 to marry and start a family. Tennis was not on her mind at all, but after playing an invitational match at Wimbledon at the beginning of the year requiring her to return to training and playing Clijsters decided to return to tennis. Her official return began, then, about a month ago; prior to winning the US Open, Clijsters had played in only two tournaments.


Before entering the final, Clijsters was forced to face the Williams sisters, who years before were a nightmare for the Belgian. However, the now-older Clijsters had returned to tennis as a more mature, confident, and fresh player, qualities that helped her control her nerves during her matches against the Grand Slam s top players.

Once the Williams sisters were defeated, Clijsters was left with Wozniacki, a 19-year-old Dane who boasts the most majors wins this year. Both players entered the match determined to win and ready to play at their best. Wozniacki broke Clijsters three times, winning several of the games in the first set to take a 4-2 lead. However, Clijsters was able to straighten out her serve and began pounding winners. Wozniacki momentarily broke through for a 5-4 lead with a follow-up volley, serving for the set, but Clijsters broke back at 30 an fought off two break points in the 11th game to hold 6-5. In the end, the Belgain closed the set with a forehand shot to win 7-5.

Clijsters was more confident in the second set, taking control of the action and earning a 4-2 lead. Wozniacki couldn t handle her opponent s power shots, losing her focus along with her effective game. In the following games, Clijsters shot one more forehand, following it with an overhead winner to take the set 6-3. The previously stoic Clijsters immediately fell to her knees on the court and began to cry; she had made her comeback.

The tournament, Clijsters explained, was surreal, a kind of fairytale something she didn t imagine could happen to an unseeded player. (In fact, it was something that had never happened to an unseeded player.) The new champion also said that her win was a remarkable moment in history, as she was now both a mother and a Grand Slam champion at the same time.

“I don’t have words for this. This is something that in my wildest dreams I could never imagine happening. It still seems so surreal that in my third tournament back I won my second Grand Slam. It’s a great feeling to have, but it’s confusing in a lot of ways as well. Everything went so quickly. But it means the world, and I’m just so glad that I’m able to share it with my husband and with our daughter, who of course is the greatest thing ever,” Clijsters said.

Nor did Wozniacki go home completely empty-handed. The 19-year-old was the first Dane to make it to a Slam final; although Wozniacki herself played an excellent game, the young player gave credit to her opponent.

“She just won a Grand Slam in her third tournament back. What more can I say?,” asked the Danish player.

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US Open- Unseeded Kim Clijsters Makes History after Obtaining US Open Title